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6 days ago · Golan Heights Lookout Had such a fun day messing around in the fields in this little 4-wheeler. But looming over me is still the fact that just over that hill a civil war is being fought and millions of people are suffering. It's easy to live so care free and forget about how lucky you are for no reason other than simply where you are born. Today was a harsh reminder of that reality. I hope that the children on the other side of that hill can one day run through their fields without a care in the world too.

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Here's a simple recipe to make some yummy treats! These are super easy and really fun to make. We call them unicorn bites because I love to add sprinkles to the mix; you can use fun shapes, colors, seasonal themes, or whatever your favorite sprinkles are. It's pretty much a scientific fact that funfetti gives you magic super powers.

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This was the exact moment I realized I was doing something I never even dreamed would happen to me.


What You'll Need: •1 box of cake mix •1 case of your favorite sprinkles •1 can of frosting •1 bag of white chocolate chips


Start by preheating your oven, and make the cake following the instructions on the box. I like to bake them as cupcakes so more of the dough gets cooked and toasty. Be sure to let the cake (or cupcakes) cool long enough or the dough won't crumble and hold the shape correctly. Now, we get messy! Make sure you're all washed because this is the hands-on part. Crumble about half of the baked cakes into a big bowl and start by mixing in a few spoons of frosting. Keep alternating ingredients until you find the perfect balance of cake ball deliciousness. Spoiler alert: These are about to be coated in sweetness, so make sure you don't overdo it on the icing! Using two hands, roll cake into small, circular balls so that each one holds its shape. About two inches in size is a good start. Tip: You can a little extra frosting if they need help staying together! If you're feeling creative, now is the time to consider adding a little surprise in the middle of your bites. Again, I'm a sprinkle girl myself, but an M&M, a Hershey's kiss, or even some tie-dyed food coloring will jazz them right up! Once you rolled all your bites, put them into the freezer for about 10-15 minutes or until they are firm. While those cool, melt down the white chocolate chips and pour them into a little bowl. Pull those chilled bites out, and dip; half way, all the way, double layers, it's up to you. Toss some sprinkles on and you're all done! I wanna see how you make these yours! Tag me in your Instagram photo (@whoisdebbyanyway), you unicorn you. XOX, Debby

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First and foremost I am thankful to GOD, in him all things are possible.

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I. Ate. So. Much. ??