Marny and Alicia
I didn't make my bed this morning, and will consequentially spend the rest of my day feeling like a rebellious, directionless youth.
Spring cleaning makes me feel alive.
Today has been kind to me. Venice, has been kind to me.
And remember how it accidentally became the best day of our lives? Yeah. Me too. @aishtray
Marny Kennedy ‏@marnykennedy · 15m Dear people who say, 'I seen that'. NO. STOP THAT. IT IS 'SAW'. 'I SAW THAT.' GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER PLEASE... Love, Marny.
At least I can set a table like a god dayum lady.
Want to be back here with my little kindred spirits, please. 🌊@lily_sullivan @nikki_avio @aishtray
This bad boy of an acai bucket is my reason for living...
Myself and @aishtray bought these beautiful handmade crystal pendants in Byron the other day. The girl serving us explained that the girl who makes them, Amy, lives in Byron, and hand makes all the pendants in a beautiful calm environment, and washes them in the ocean once they are complete. That night, as I was waiting down an alley for the girls to get their dinner, all of a sudden a young British girl, who had been sitting on a crate waiting for her own friend, looked at me and suddenly appeared to be fighting the urge to hug me. 'I'm sorry, but I couldn't help myself but ask when I saw you wearing that necklace- did you get it from Driftlab?' I immediately started to excitedly tell her about the girl who makes them, before she stopped me. 'I know- I made it!' It was Amy. Needless to say we hugged.
I received an email the other day from the beautiful organisers of this incredible event, asking if I would be available to MC again. It breaks my heart that I won't be home for it this year, so the very least I can do is share the details with all of you lovely Melbourne based ladies and gents! Raising awareness for autism is something that really hits home for me, having grown up alongside my big brother who falls on the spectrum. Having to defend or explain his behaviour to those who just didn't understand Aspergers, was something that really took its toll on me as a little girl- so raising awareness and broadening societies understanding of autism is something I am incredibly passionate about. So please, if you are in Melbourne next Sunday, love theme park rides, and want to help support this amazing cause- head over to Luna Park for #WorldAutismDay! I'll definitely be there in spirit with you all! x
Hey @alyciajasmin, remember that time we said we'd get out of bed and go to the Sunday market this morning? HAHAHAHAHA- YEAH SAME.
Skyping my sister is like having my morning cup of tea. My mind becomes clearer, I feel warmer on the inside and I'm noticeably less bitchy. (Always missing you and Braeden, @tarrynabraham. Love you.)
@marnykennedy made scones today. 6 tsp baking soda in... Wasn't so good. Good photo though. Cheers Marns. @aishtray
Watermelon and Strawbs for brekkie? I think yes. 🍉🍓🍉🍓🍉🍓
Market day 🌱
Market day ft. @marnykennedy #demwindows
Never underestimate the power of kicking your shoes off and feeling the earth underneath you. And never underestimate the ocean's ability to make even the most content of people swear like a sailor, when it gets the bottom of their jeans wet.
Even in the midst of a busy day, there is always time to bake banana bread. Always. @mynewroots
afternoon cuppa on the back porch